The Problem With Niche Sites

This is Part 1 of a series of posts on how to approach “Niche Sites” from a different perspective.

Affiliate Marketing – Niche Sites

It seems like everywhere I look there is a new online “guru” recommending people to create a niche site as a source of Passive Income. They each have their own strategies on how to create them, but they all agree on one thing… creating niche sites is hard, repetitive and constant work.

They show you how to find cheap hosting, get a free WordPress theme, create loads of content and do link building for months and months. On top of that, your brand new site will be sitting in Google’s sandbox for a few months before it can even start generating real organic traffic.

Then the guru will tell you that it will take months and up to a year before you see any profits. That you should go ahead and create multiple of these niche sites so that you can make a miserable profit from each site. They add up! – the guru says.

Well, that’s not passive at all. That sounds a lot like work. They will argue that you put in all that hard work and then you’d sit back and enjoy. But since you have to continue to churn out niche sites, when are you going to sit back?

Now I’m not completely knocking the idea of creating affiliate marketing websites or blogs. It’s actually the most economic way of getting into the world of online marketing. But it’s hardly a passive income business. The guys making thousands upon thousands of dollars a month are far and few in between. They have also put in years of hard work into failing. Yes, they even tell you that you’re definitely going to fail.

I don’t know about you. But when I think about a goal, the last thing in my mind is failing. Hard to fail if you’ve done your homework. But I’ll get into that at a later time.

So what makes niche sites so attractive? The low entry barrier. You can get a very nice affiliate marketing blog up with very little money. Best of all you can create a WordPress site in a couple of hours. You could have your Amazon website up and running in no time. Anybody can do it! And guess what, everybody is. Hundreds of affiliate websites are being created as you read this. You can see how this could be a problem.

The Problem With Affiliate Marketing Or Niche Sites

In order to make money online, you need to provide a product or a service. That product or service needs to be good enough to stand out from the millions of similar offerings. To make money with a niche site you need to present your site as unique, even though it’s selling the same products that every other site in your niche is selling. You have to find creative ways to sell that product to your readers without turning them away by providing high-quality content that actually brings value to their lives. Why would a person buy the product through your link instead of just going to Amazon and buying it there?

To top that, after you’ve put in all that hard work creating high quality and relevant content, you get your first sale…a whopping 4% commission from Amazon. In other words, you put in all that work for pennies.

Since it’s that cheap to create another site, you go ahead and do it.. and the cycle continues.

As I mentioned before, I do believe niche sites are a good way to get started in online marketing. Even if you’re a total beginner you can create one in a breeze. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need computer skills for this. You need creativity, resourcefulness, and resiliency.

You’re at the mercy of Amazon. Every time they change something in their system your site could be affected. You’re also at the mercy of Google whose search algorithms are constantly being modified to weed out crappy content. Already thin affiliate websites are a no-no Google’s eyes.

So what’s the alternative? Well, these same gurus are now telling you that you should have various sources of income, that you shouldn’t put your eggs in one basket. Most of them tell you that you should create your own product or service and sell that.

Thanks, Mr. Guru, why didn’t you start there in the first place? Why do we have to go through the same failures that you went through? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, without being irresponsible, we’re going to skip some of their recommended steps and go for what works. We’re not taking shortcuts. We are being smart. They did all the hard work for us already, they have shown us over and over how to fail. Use that knowledge to put yourself ahead of the pack.

What we will not do:

  1. look for hundreds of long tail keywords with low traffic
  2. create hundreds of articles or blog posts around those long tail keywords in hopes that the sum of all that traffic eventually amounts to something significant.
  3. put all of our eggs in one basket, be it Amazon, Clickbank or whoever.
  4. buy link packages from places like Fiverr or even well-known services.
  5. damage our niche site with banners or flashy ads


What we will do:

  1. create a professional site dedicated to helping others with a specific issue
  2. provide a service or a product that WE own
  3. add affiliate links or products that complement our business
  4. manually create high-quality links to our content
  5. as far as content, we will focus on quality and not quantity

Niche sites are not going away. On the contrary, every day more and more niche sites will be created by online entrepreneurs dreaming of passive income. Your job is to help them succeed. Your job as an online marketer is to create a product or service targeted directly at niche site entrepreneurs.

So, as you can see, you already have your avatar. You already have identified who your target customer is. Now think of creative ways to sell them something that helps them in their quest.

Need ideas? In my book “Step by Step Passive Income” I provide 2 very good strategies you can use today to target that customer base – zombie sites and expired domains.

What other services do you think we can sell to niche site creators? Comment below…

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